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so, I'm in high school and I keep getting bored to death since I can't actually do anything I love other than maths but even then it's extremely boring, so I thought I might as well get me a proper job in the meantime.

I'm a Software Engineer/Coder/Programmer, "whatever you want to call it 'er". I work in C# primarily but have experience in Lua, c/c++, Java and web languages. I make networking solutions, database design and management systems, automation and a few other more specific things however I am not the best with graphics or good looking UI's as I usually work on the backend of things. I have been programming since 2014 and have done some odd unpaid jobs here and there for both companies and personal clients. I'm still in high school so I will only be able to work on projects from 15:00-21:00 this also includes the weekends since I get up rather late and don't do much aside from programming anyways.

I have a slight dynamic to how I handle projects, this is so that I can fully understand what you want and what plans you might have in the future. I will need a text document or an email explaining exactly what you want and what kind of setting you want it in. after that, if I think I will be able to fulfill the request we will go over the details and talk about potential complications and so on. If you want to hire me for a team I will need to know how the team is structured and what the team does (IE what their end goal is or what they're maintaining, how bugs and goals are listed and handled and general info on how the team dynamic is).

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