9-10mon old Italian Mastiff / Cane Corso / for Therapy Family Dog (Kaiserslautern Area + 40miles)

I am looking for the best home for Louigi. He is a grey/blue Italian Mastiff and born in end of November last year. Unfortunately, since a minor accident with surgery he can't be used as working dog. It is heartbreaking because i've had so much hope to him. He is an amazing big boy. His injury has completely healed, but thats a disqualification as working dog, what i was looking for my work. But beside that, Louigi is sooo much more. He is loving and heartwarming, a giant prince charming which will always bring a huge smile on your face. Louigi is everything to me and it hurts me more then anything, to find a new family for my big baby. I decided to give him 24/7 to a fantastic dog trainer, for to provide him the best start into his new life. There he gets all the best training, for to be a well behaved puppy.

His character is that one of an typical Cane Corso: very patient, self-confident an calm, very friendly to children, adults and strangers. He is absolutely clear into his head and has never shown any aggressions towards humans or pets. He can live together with dogs and cats as well. Louigi loves male and female dogs, and knows how to be around little pets as well. At the moment he lives with an medium sized female (3y/o), a tiny male dog (11y/o) and a cat. He adores all peoples and is very kids-friendly. His trainer made a great job, includes working with disabled children and adults. His character and size were crucial for my decision to train him as a therapy dog. Louigi is always in a good mood. He is still a little goofball and always happy to get cuddled. He loves water and swimming (was with his trainer also in vacation in the Netherlands at the beach).

It gives nothing what scares him. He is used to be around many many peoples and dogs, machines, loud noises, he loves to ride into the car, is kennel trained, housebroken, walks great on leash, knows also how to walk well-behaved beside a stroller or a wheelchair, does not chase jogger or bicycles. To bring him with in a restaurant, biergarden, hotel or to visit friends? No Problem. He is also used to come with into the mall, what is a part of his training as therapy and service dog. He stays always calm and relaxed, in any situation. He is a family dog, means he lives with his family inside the house – not outside into a yard or kennel! Louigi needs the close contact to his peoples.

He has never made any bad experiences. Of course, he is a young dog and has sometimes his own head, that is nothing special. Therefore it is important to me, that the new owners are aware about the resposibility and are willing to continue the training. That he stays like he is, the best dog ever. It is not important if you live in a house or apartment. More important for me is that Louigi will get his daily walks and exercises. With walks i don't mean a few steps around the house until you reach the first tree for to let him pee on!! He loves to walk and hikking trips. In that point i have high requirements to his new family. He should not suffer or end in a back yard.

Really, i can't say any negative thing about him.. just hat he eats a lot of dog food :)

Louigi is healthy. He is UTD on his shots, is microchipped, comes with his passport. The vet is his best friend and he accepts all. :) Heart, lungs, kidneys, all is in best condition without any exeptions. He is not yet fixed, because i am not a friend to let it made too early by dogs. They need to grow, physically and menthally. But i would appreciate it, if someone plans to let him fixed. In that case he can also stay by his trainer, in his familiar environment, until the surgery is made and the tiny wound is heald (mostly 1 week after the castration). You can let it also made by your vet, thats up to you.

Yes, he is a dog and will shed -.- Not like a Husky, but he will. If you are looking for a non-shedding dog, take a stuffed toy or a Poodle.

That he is not the right dog for to use as working dog and he is not aggressive means not, that he will not protect his family if it is REALLY need. Its a Cane Corso, he knows what is to do and has a good sense, if someone has good or even bad intentions.

Please have unerstanding, that i will just answer to your message, if you are showing me, that you are really interest to Louigi. I don't want to waste my time with peoples, which just want to pet a dog. Means, i am going to assume to receive a message with your name, where you live, some informations about your family, living conditions, your experience with dogs, etc. Its need to have a first impression about you, his potential new and forever family. What is very important to me, to stay in contact, even after he is moved. He is so close to us and really a special dog. Meet him and you know what i am talking about. I will not give him away for free. You have the chance to get a really well behaved and well trained dog, with the best skillz for whatever you are looking as furry family member. There is no need to rehome hin in days. We have that time until we have found the right match for Louigi. Don't expect that you will come over and will return with him. We don't give him with by the first visit! I will be sure, that we pick the right owners for him, that you can handle him and loves him like he deserve ist.
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